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Repairs & Service.

Repairs &<br>Service.</br>

Repairs & Service.

No matter how much care you take – sometimes, the parking space is a little bit too small after all, or the dog is quicker onto the new seat than planned. No problem: Choose our repair services and any blemishes will soon no longer be visible.  


Volkswagen Clever Repair®.

A small blemish: No big deal.

Your benefits

  • Up to 80 % cheaper.
    Pinpoint accurate repair instead of a new part.
  • Completed quickly.
    Work carried out directly on the vehicle without dismantling.
  • High quality.
    Repair using the latest technologies. To retain value.

Our services

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the tear in the seat, the scratch on the paintwork and the small dent could simply be made invisible? No matter with Volkswagen Clever Repair®. The concept: Our experts will repair minor damage for you with pinpoint precision, quickly and up to 80 % more cheaply than usual repair methods.


Body and Paintwork Service.

For your safety and a dazzling appearance.

Your benefits

  • Good for value retention.
    Rust perforation warranty remains intact.
  • Original quality.
    Repairs using Volkswagen Genuine Parts® and Volkswagen Genuine Paint.
  • Convenient.
    Thanks to offers like recovery service, repair cost analysis, replacement car.

Our services

A dent in the panel work? Happens to everyone at some time. Our body and paintwork service will soon make you forget minor damage. Following our repairs, you will be able to rely on your safety again and your bodywork will look as dazzling as it did previously. 
Reason: We carry out repairs strictly according to Volkswagen guidelines and replace damaged parts only with Volkswagen Genuine Parts®. To keep all warranties intact for you.


They absorb impact energy, undergo controlled deformation and shield against chippings thrown up from the road. Body parts are more than just a bit of metal: They protect you and other road users. Have any damage repaired by an expert, so that you are back driving again just as safely as you were before.      

Part comprehensive insurance and fully comprehensive insurance cover damage to your vehicle.
What is usually included? Herewith an overview. For further details please ask your insurer.

Part comprehensive insurance
  • Glass breakage
  • Fire or explosion
  • Accidents involving wild animals
  • Damage due to adverse climatic events (hail, lightning, floods, storm)
  • Misappropriation, particularly theft
  • Robbery
  • Embezzlement (under special circumstances)
  • Damage to cabling due to short-circuit
  • Marten damage to parts
Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Collision damage (involving hit and run)
  • Damage caused by personal fault
  • Damage caused by third parties who cannot pay for the damage themselves or are not insured
  • Vandalism
Glass Repair Service.

Glass Repair Service.

For minor glass damage and little time.

Your benefits

  • Fast.
    Thanks to repairs being carried out without removing the windscreen – within an hour.
  • Free.
    No excess with many part and fully comprehensive insurance policies.
  • Extremely good result.
    Full stability and, visually, almost like new again. Also for tinted windscreens.

Our services

Our Glass Repair Service means that you don’t need to fret about a stone-chip in the windscreen. We can repair most damage using a modern filler resin technique – quickly and inexpensively*. Result: It will be virtually invisible to you and you will be back driving just as safely as before. Just come along – and, thanks to Express Service, you will be seen to right away. No appointment needed and no waiting.

* Repair costs are generally covered by comprehensive insurance without any excess charge.

Small blemish. Big risk.

<b>Four brief reasons for fast glass repair. </b><br><br> Why should you have your windscreen repaired quickly? Quite simple: You will not only be driving more safely, but also more cost-efficiently.

Good prospects.

Forget rabbit’s foot. Bees-wings and bulls-eyes are genuine lucky charms when it comes to stone-chippings: This damage virtually disappears once it has been repaired.

Repair and Accessory Financing.

Repair and Accessory Financing.

Tailored to your wishes.

An unexpected repair just before you go on holiday? Have you just found the wheel rim of your dreams? No problem: Use the Volkswagen Bank’s Repair and Accessory Financing to finance your repairs and Accessory Parts at any time conveniently and on ideal conditions. No matter whether you have bought your car or are leasing it.*

* An offer from Volkswagen Bank GmbH, Gifhorner Straße 57, 38112 Braunschweig.
Further information is available from your participating Volkswagen Partner.