Are you ready for electric mobility?

Using our new Volkswagen EV check app, you can analyze your driving habits and find out whether you’re ready for electric mobility and which of Volkswagen’s electric cars is best for you. Simply download the app and begin.

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 EV Check app on a smartphone

Record your trips and analyze your mobility profile

Before your first trip, select your current vehicle brand and model. The app then records all trips that you take with your car and uses them to create a personal mobility profile for you. Here, you can access the following information at any time: trips taken, battery and energy usage, CO2 emissions and total expenses.

EV Check app showing the mobility profile
Compare your profile with the EV Check app

Compare profile with all Volkswagen electric vehicles

All information on your previous trips can be compared with a Volkswagen electric vehicle of your choice. This will help you find out if all of your trips could have been taken electrically. And most importantly: how much energy, COand money you could have saved! In addition, you can find out which electric vehicle would suit you best.

The EV Check App in augmented reality mode

Discover all our new electric vehicles with augmented reality

Discover our electric vehicles via augmented reality (AR) with the fascinating Volkswagen EV Check app. Such as an interactive tour of some of the features of the new ID.3. In addition, you can use the app to put your vehicle in any space using virtual reality: at your desk or directly in front of you on the street. Give it a go! You will be amazed.

Download now: The Volkswagen EV Check app

Get the Volkswagen EV Check app on your smartphone, compare your trips with those of an electric vehicle and discover the advantages of electric mobility. Here, you can watch a short video where we introduce the app in more detail. Have fun trying out all the options!