A man with casually folded arms leans against his red VW up! GTI in a garage
A man with casually folded arms leans against his red VW up! GTI in a garage
A man with casually folded arms leans against his red VW up! GTI in a garage

Everything about cars for owners, users and fans

  1. Proprietários e Após-venda

Useful facts about your Volkswagen and customer information: With us, you can also bring the automotive lifestyle into your everyday life. Find out more about your vehicle and our services here.

A man with casually folded arms leans against his red VW up! GTI in a garage – myVolkswagen

Welcome to myVolkswagen

myVolkswagen is the home of your vehicles, data and services online. View configurations, owned vehicles, interesting videos and much more.

A VW service employee checks a checklist in a workshop – important customer information

Important and current information

Recall campaigns, certificates of conformity, recycling programme: We provide information on these topics plus many more. You can also find advice and information on the diesel issue.

A VW service employee refills engine oil into a yellow car

Protects and complements

Well-oiled means a better performance: With our genuine operating fluids, such as AdBlue®, screenwash, coolant or brake fluid and engine oils, your Volkswagen puts in a top performance.

As individual as you and your Volkswagen

Find comprehensive product information on our genuine accessories. From transport and navigation systems to practical assistants – provides virtually everything you could want and more.

A woman in a polo shirt of the Volkswagen Lifestyle classic collection wears VW sunglasses and sits in a classic car

Automotive Lifestyle

Model cars, GTI or Classic Collection – that’s what makes a Volkswagen fan’s heart beat faster. Discover the versatile Lifestyle items: modern and innovative.

A blue VW drives on the road – Useful information on your Volkswagen

Useful information on your Volkswagen

What is WLTP? How do you measure the tyre tread depth? How does the drive work with natural gas? What do I need to pay attention to when I use my car on holiday? Find answers to these questions, plus many more, here.

A woman with a yellow bag leans against her blue VW car with Volkswagen rims

Wheels and tyres

They’re your only point of contact with the road: Summer, winter or all-season tyres, with or without innovative AirStop® technology – find practical information on your car’s tyres right here.

Information on older models

Golf 5, Polo 4, Tiguan 1 and many more: Find highlights, technical data, equipment options and additional information on our older vehicles – including specific information on your model. 

A red VW older model drives on the road
A VW service employee changes a brake disc of a car – Volkswagen Parts

100% Volkswagen

The perfect fit for your model: With our Genuine Parts, you’ll preserve the value and safety of your Volkswagen. Allow us to present a few of our product groups.

A VW service employee refills AdBlue® into a Volkswagen – VW service

Repair and Service for your vehicle

The right care and proper service help your Volkswagen keep you mobile. Learn more about the corresponding service offers for your vehicle.

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