Paddle levers

All of the benefits and technical specifications of the automatic gearbox apply to the automatic gearbox with Tiptronic available with five or six switching points.
Tiptronic enables manual intervention in automatic operation once the selector lever is switched to a second shift gate (Tiptronic gate). The driver can shift up a gear by pushing the gear lever upwards and down a gear by pulling it downwards. Sometimes gears can also be shifted using the switch paddle on the steering wheel.
The Tiptronic offers the comfort of an automatic system and driving fun and sportiness of a manual gearbox. The system automatically switches up a gear when it reaches the engine speed limit to ensure safety when overtaking. The sporty driver benefits from switching down a gear and engine braking before a corner or when driving uphill.

Image of VW Golf A6 GTI Cabriolet paddle lever

‘Park Assist’ parking assist system 

The ‘Park Assist’ parking assist system automatically steers the vehicle in parallel parking spaces and parking bays and also helps manoeuvre out of parallel parking spaces. The system assists the driver by performing optimum steering wheel movements itself in order to park in reverse or travelling forwards (parking bays, depending on the vehicle) on the ideal path. ‘Park Assist’ automatically takes care of measuring the parking space, allocating the starting position and handling steering movements – all the driver needs to do is press on the accelerator and brake. They keep control of their vehicle at all times.

The driver activates the Park Assist system using the separate ‘Park Assist’ button in the centre console and then drives at a maximum of 40 km/h and a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 m from the roadside. ‘Park Assist’ scans in passing and on the right and left of the vehicle, e.g. on a one-way street, for available parking spaces.  The driver indicates which side of the road they wish to park on by activating the turn signal. If Park Assist detects a parking space that is at least 0.8 m longer than the vehicle (depending on the vehicle), the message ‘Parking space detected’ appears in the multifunction display. The driver is then guided into the right starting position and asked to put the vehicle into reverse. When the vehicle is put in reverse, the Park Assist system takes over steering and automatic steering control is activated. A message appears in the multifunction display to inform the driver: ‘Steering intervention active! Monitor surrounding area!’. Carefully pressing on the accelerator steers the vehicle into the parking space. The audio Park Distance Control and visual messages in the multifunction display signal reversing has come to an end. Additional images in the display encourage the driver to move forwards and, where necessary, in reverse again. The number of parking motions depends on the length or width of the parking space and the available space to manoeuvre. The shorter or narrow the parking space and the smaller the space to manoeuvre, the more parking motions are required. The system detects parking spaces of all kinds (e.g. On corners, at kerbsides or between trees).

The driver can override ‘Park Assist’ at any time.

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