, 2019-01-22 15:18:18
e-Golf in Norway

Be more Norway.

Too big and too cold. Why Norwegians still drive electric cars.

Is e-mobility really as complicated as some people say it is? We asked around in Norway, a country with extremely unfavourableconditions: vast distances, few inhabitants, pretty cold. Nevertheless Norway is the country with the most electric cars in Europe. How come? Let’s ask the Norwegians themselves!

Thomas in Norway

Bad weather? There's no such thing in Norway.

You’ll generally find Thomas outdoors. Whatever the weather: he drives the car to outdoor sports activities or takes trips with his family.


Life between the chicken coop and art.

Insurance agent Kristian has lots of hobbies: he loves his chickens, his painting and his e-Golf, which he uses to fit all his passions into his busy schedule.


Entirely geared to the family.

Fitness enthusiast Lena hasn't just got the swing of things when she’s charging her e-Golf. Most of all, she loves spending time in the car with her daughter who she drives to every dance contest.

Ginge in Norway

From the sound studio to space and back.

Musician Ginge sometimes even looks for excuses just to drive his e-Golf. For the most part, the road takes him directly into outer space. 


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